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I have always been a storyteller. I started writing stories as a teenager though I began making them up long before. Only within the last handful of years have I started to seriously pursue writing as a career. Sometimes, I struggle with the feeling that I am utterly inadequate at it, especially as I strive to improve my craft. There are so many people out there to tell you what you should write and how to go about it.

I have learned many things about being a writer and an author over that time. The single most important piece of knowledge I have discovered is this.

Trust yourself, you know what you are doing.

You can learn how to become a better writer, improve your skills through classes and how to books/articles, but no one can tell you how to write your novel.

Your voice and your style are part of your personality, something you develop over time. Your story is unique. It is crafted through your personality.

So, write it down and trust yourself, because you know you better than anyone else. Only you can write your unique story.

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