Young Adult Books

Watch for…

The Power of Sevenths – Rayne Forrester is getting married. That is, if the world will settle down long enough. With magic returned, problems have been popping up everywhere. She struggles everyday with her growing need to use magic. It’s been difficult to keep it all under wraps. And now dragons?

The Book of Sevenths (Anthology)-  Join Rayne as she re-reads all her favorite Seventh stories about The Oracle, The Prince of Persia, The Healer, The Dragonborn, The Romani, and the Redsmith.

The Children of Sevenths – Being the new girl in school is tough. Being known as the daughter of the world’s most renowned Sorceress and Head Mistress of her school just makes it worse for Pari. All she wants is to be left alone long enough to have a somewhat normal life with normal friends like Nico. But everything falls apart when students start disappearing from the school.

Mainstream Fiction

Watch for…

The Secret – Belinda Cresthaven has been a ward of the state at the Cresthaven Psychiatric Institute for Children since she was 6. She knows very little about the world that exists beyond the tall stone walls. Now 18, she’s too old for the system and that world awaits.

Rocky Mountain Romance Series

Watch for…

Sleight of Heart –  Xavier Christensen, the head chef of a renowned gentlemen’s club called The Pearl, can’t understand the appeal of the club’s newest act The Magnificent Marandici until he becomes her unlikely champion after she is accused of being a common thief.

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