The Waiting Game

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life-board-game-pieces-oavdhrgk There are times when things are out of my control. I accept this. It doesn’t make life easier though. I hate waiting – and really does ANYONE actually like it? But I hate waiting with a passion. Everything up in the air and on hold until someone else gives you the go ahead. Bleh. My inner control freak is being tethered by a choke collar. As much as I dislike waiting I do love the moment you know the waiting in finally over, even if the outcome isn’t what you wanted it to be, at least its forward momentum.

This has been my July. Hurry up and wait, wait, wait. Now as the month draws to a close I am finally able to move forward again. Hallelujah!  I am eager to jump into the next part of life, home, career, etc. Ohp! But wait… Grrrr! Yep, another queue, another pause before you can go, go, go. *sigh*

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