Finding Time

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“I don’t have the time to – insert activity here-.”

“Where do you find the time?”

These are two things I hear a lot when talking about writing and a few other activities I do as well. Have you ever thought about how many ways we use the word time?


make time

find time

lose time

take time

share time

run out of time

waste time

save time

spare time

have time

give time

spend time

We can have:

a bad time

a good time

all the time in the world

a time of it

a hard time

an easy time

a short time

a long time

no time at all

One would think that with all this time we have, finding time should be easy, right? By the way we speak, time is a thing, something we can grasp and hold on to, and something that is finite as we can run out of it, yet find or make more of it. However, we all know that time is a perception of our reality. Why else would a dreaded task take an hour and feel like a week, and a beloved several hour long event pass in the blink of an eye?

So my answer is always the same to the first two thoughts. 

“You always have the time for something you care about. If you want to (write or – insert activity here-) you don’t have to find the time, you simply do it. The act of making something important will create the time for you.”

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