Mind Theater

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IMG_1544-300x300I love movies! As a kid, I have several fond memories of going out with my parents to see a show. Stretched out in the back of the station wagon, watching the enormous screen flash at the Drive-in while I tried so very hard to keep my young eyes open, was the best. Later, living in a town that had turned an old theater building into a movie house with its grand architecture and springy seats, made beautiful happy memories. I have loved story telling in every form since I was a child. But I didn’t discover the joy of reading until I was eleven, and the joy of writing my own stories at thirteen. Then I often found “The book is better than the movie” to be true and lost some of my fascination with cinema. (Drive-Ins are still my favorite forum though.)

When I read, I have a little projector in my head that transforms the words on the page into images on a screen and when it’s a really good book, I stop being aware of the words altogether and just see the story. I imagine every detail described as if I am standing right there looking at it. I become so focused that I stop being aware of the world around my physical body until the book is completed or someone/something jars me out of it. It is a wonderful experience, and one I thought everyone in the world had until recently finding out otherwise. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would hate to read; now I think I understand. Going to the movies shared the experience I received when I read the book with those who don’t have the Mind Theater experience.

So tell me, do any of you that enjoy reading not have the Mind Theater experience as you read? If you don’t, what does a good book do for you as you read?

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